An online union catalogue that enables one to find books at libraries radiating out in increasing distance from your home zip code.


Core Knowledge Foundation

The preeminent organization—under the aegis of E. D. Hirsch Jr.—dedicated to resuscitating the American public school curriculum in K through 8.
New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

Greek (ancient)

Athenian Greek Font

A free font for students and scholars of ancient Greek, with necessary diacritical marks, such as accents and breathing marks. [Note: there is a problem with the capital omega, so the user may have to go to the Symbol font for that letter alone.]
Greek Mythology Link

This is a comprehensive, sound, and useful compendium. While the preeminent print Greek mythology source is still Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, this site is a cornucopia of images and information that supplements Graves nicely.


Electronic Resources for Classicists
KidInfo: World History

Resource especially for students.


Visual Education Study Card Sets

The major publisher of pre-printed non-English language vocabulary, grammar, and conversation card sets. These sets are not flawless, but they have stood the test of time and are still useful. The company also sells matching blank card boxes so that one c


Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar

The most useful Latin reference grammar on the market today.
Cardo Latin Font

A free font for students and scholars of classical Latin, with necessary diacritical marks, such as vowels with macrons.
Chambers Murray Latin-English Dictionary

The Most Latin Lexical Bang for the Buck. This is hands down the best (and most useful) Latin dictionary on the market. (See my full review of the book on
Latin Library

A comprehensive library of primary texts in Latin, from the beginnings of ancient Rome to the Middle Ages. There is also a sampling of modern Latin texts, from writers such as Bacon and Descartes, under the heading of "Neo-Latin."
Nuntii Latini

Current news presented completely in Latin.
The Vatican/The Holy See

The site offers access to official communiqués of the Vatican in Latin with multiple translations.


Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

A site that contains many hard-to-find treasures of English literature from the medieval period through the Restoration.
Perseus Digital Library

This is a comprehensive on-line library of texts from antiquity in the original languages.
Project Gutenberg

An immense online library of public domain texts, including texts from major languages, but also texts from languages as diverse as Aleut and Yiddish.
Representative Poetry Online

The best online library of poets and poetry.
Shakespeare's Texts in Original Spelling/Internet Shakespeare

All of Shakespeare’s plays in unmodernized (Folio and Quarto) texts. An essential scholarly tool.
The Labyrinth

A superb collection of texts from the Middle Ages (which includes the Anglo-Saxon period in British literature).
Voice of the Shuttle

A valuable online library of primary and secondary sources for humanities scholars doing research.


Bible, King James Version

This contains the entire King James Bible, book-by-book, including Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha. It also functions as a concordance to the translation.

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