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An Introductory Latin Course: A First Latin Grammar For Middle Schoolers, High Schoolers, College Students, Homeschoolers, and Self-Learners

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After using all the textbooks that are widely available for teaching Latin, Robert Zaslavsky saw the need for a new one that presents the characteristics of the Latin language in a holistic way, rather than in the fragmented way that is typical in other Latin textbooks. In addition, since there has been a neglect of the teaching of English grammar in our schools, this textbook provides a comprehensive explanation of both English and Latin grammar. Since it is a comprehensive course, it can be used in a classroom, homeschool, or self-teaching environment, simply varying the pace as needed. Finally, if there is a need for clarification or assistance, you can contact Dr. Zaslavsky on his Facebook page, DocZOnline.

The answer key is now available in a separate volume.

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